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Fire Damage Restoration – The Most Common Cause of Home Fires

House fires are scary, and they occur more regularly than people might think. More than 300,000 homes in America, according to the National Fire Protection Association, suffer from fire damage in a year. Along with this data, businesses like Paul Davis have supplied fire damage repair services for many homes. The possibility of a house fire shouldn’t be overlooked, and that’s why it’s good to understand what the most common causes of house fires are. For your preparation, we’ve assembled a set of the most common causes of house fires.

Being Distracted from Cooking

Making meals in the home is one of the main culprits to house fires, especially when no one is there to oversee the activities in the kitchen. A lot of homes have needed fire damage repairs because of food being left on the stove with no one to monitor it. It’s important to remain in the kitchen while preparing your food, or to ask someone to watch it if you exit the room.

Your Electrical Equipment

Anything that uses an electrical current in your home can be a fire risk. If any of your electrical appliances have a worn out cord, then they are a fire hazard. Always make sure your electrical outlets are not being overused.

Forgotten Candles

One of the more enjoyable pieces to have around the home are candles. While they make for great decorations, they are also a severe risk for fire. Keep your candles away from potential fire hazards such as books, papers and curtains, and always extinguish them when you leave the room.

Smoking in Your House

Cigarettes have been a fire hazard for a long time, considering they can stay lit for a few hours, and if they come into contact with anything flammable, you can have a big problem on your hands. Smoking outdoors is the best method to stay away from this risk.

A Property with Bad Wiring

Homes with faulty wiring produce electrical issues which can lead to a house fire. Bad wiring is troublesome because you can’t always see it, but here are a few things to watch out for:

  • Your lights dim when another appliance is in use
  • You have to disconnect something in order for an appliance to work
  • Your circuit trips frequently

If you recognize any of these things, contact a professional electrician or contact your landlord to fix the problem.

BBQ Equipment

For most people, a grill is a part of their property for the warmer months. Nevertheless, check that it’s not in proximity to your home or any plants and trees. Also, have it cleaned and maintained regularly, because the buildup that collects in your grill can be a fire risk. Additionally, you need to examine the gas bottle regularly for leaks or other potential issues.

Children’s Curiosity

Fire is alluring for a child’s curiosity, and that’s why you need to take every precaution. Keep any matches or lighters out of reach or hidden to prevent an emergency from occurring. You can also teach them what to do in the incident of a fire and to memorize their address in the event they need to call 911.

Contents That Are Flammable

When you’re storing your liquids, always read the label to make sure the substance isn’t a fire hazard, otherwise don’t store them next to a heat source.

Christmas Tree

Christmas trees bring holiday festivities into the home, but they are also a danger for home fires. Cutting a small section from the trunk will allow your tree to soak up water, and it’s necessary to do this before you set it up. Watering your tree regularly and keeping it hydrated is also an essential step. Before going to bed for the evening, check to see that your Christmas lights are turned off as well. You could consider acquiring an artificial tree to rule out a fire hazard.

Dryers Not Being Maintained

Fires produced from dryers are rather prevalent, and that’s why it’s critical to keep them maintained. To prevent your home from needing fire clean up services, always clean out the lint trap before using it again, and examine the dryer duct frequently because lint can get trapped in there as well.


It’s impossible to remove all potential risks for fire, but knowing the most frequent causes of house fires can eradicate your risk substantially. If you have encountered any fire damage to your home, don’t hesitate to call a professional that offers fire clean up services, like Paul Davis. We are a fire damage restoration company that can get your residence brought back to where it was before.