How to Prepare for a Fire on Your Property? – Fire Damage Restoration

The fire damage restoration experts from Paul Davis know how disastrous house fires are. Not only can house fires eradicate your home and personal belongings, but they are emotionally jarring and make you feel insecure. Fires can occur in a matter of minutes and can be produced by lots of variables, and they can be out of your control such as natural disasters or your neighbor’s house being on fire. Yet, there are still some steps you can implement to decrease the dangers of a house fire in your house.

Fire Preparation – Property Recovery & Fire Escape Plans

Safety has to be the number one priority when getting ready for a house fire, and fire extinguishers and smoke alarms need to be located throughout the property. Smoke alarms are crucial since a fire could spring out of the blue and you have to do something as fast as possible. Something else to consider with smoke alarms is purchasing ones that can catch smoke generated from electrical fires. Finally, any children living in the house have to be taught about what a smoke alarm sounds like when it‘s triggered and what to do when it happens.

Then have your fire escape routes ready. Everyone in the property should know two ways to get out from every room and where to meet outside when a fire happens. Also, ensure that all members of the household know how to call 911 in the incident of an emergency.

Something else you need to do is secure your important things such as passports, photographs and birth certificates. You could make digital copies and store them into a cloud drive as a backup, and you can purchase a fire safe box to keep the real copies safe too. Finally, take inventory of all your personal belongings for insurance reasons in case they’re burned up by the flames.

Things to Keep in Mind to Minimize House Fire Risk

Even though some fires are out of your control, here are some safety measures you need to execute to prevent a house fire:

  • Cooking: It’s important to be conscientious in the kitchen and to not leave cooking food unattended. Always have somebody there to monitor everything going on.
  • Appliances and Electrical: Check the switches for your lights to see if they have to be replaced. If you touch them and they’re hot, that’s a sign that they’re faulty. In addition, examine your electrical appliances for frayed cords and defective plugs.
  • Portable Heaters: It is fundamental to keep any combustible or flammable objects at least three feet away from a portable heater. Additionally, you’ll want your heater to have a control mechanism too and other safety features such as shutting off if the heater falls over.
  • Fireplaces: Creosote is extremely flammable and it develops in your fireplace and chimney after it’s been used, so always get your fireplace cleaned regularly. Obtaining a big, durable screen is also critical to prevent sparks from flying into the room and rolling logs.
  • Children: Store any lighters or matches in a location that is out of sight and out of reach from kids to avoid their curiosity from starting a fire. Explain to your kids that fire is not a toy too.
  • Smoking: Indoor smoking makes your home vulnerable to house fires, so the finest way to prevent a disaster is to smoke outdoors. If you do smoke indoors, have the proper ashtrays to restrain a cigar or cigarette from rolling onto the floor. But if somebody in the residence is on oxygen, do not smoke indoors because oxygen is extremely combustible.

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