Prepare & Plan for a House Fire – Guidance from Fire Damage Restoration Experts

The fire damage restoration professionals from Paul Davis know how disastrous house fires are. Not only can house fires decimate your home and personal possessions, but they are emotionally jarring and make you feel insecure. Fires can happen without a moment’s notice and can be generated by lots of variables, so a lot of the time they’re out of your control like your neighbor’s house being on fire or natural disasters. However, there are still some steps you can take to minimize the dangers of a house fire in your residence.

Get Your Property Prepped for a Fire & Always Have a Fire Escape Plan

Not all house fires are avoidable and you can only do so much. That is why the most crucial thing for you to do is have safety measures ready. Smoke alarms and fire extinguishers are fundamental, and make sure you have the proper amount to accommodate your home. However, you should consider using smoke alarms that can identify smoke from electrical fires, since faulty wiring is one of the main causes of house fires. When you have kids, you’ll want to teach them on how the smoke alarm sounds and what to do when in the incident where one goes off.

Create emergency plans for fire routes and make sure everyone is informed of them. There should be two exits from all rooms in the residence. Also, you’ll need to have a designated meeting spot outside of the residence so that you‘re sure everyone makes it out safely.

Another thing you need to do is protect your valuable things like passports, photographs and birth certificates. You could make digital replicas and store them into a cloud drive as a backup, and you can get a fire safe box to keep the hard copies secure as well. Finally, make a record of all your personal possessions for insurance purposes in case they’re engulfed by the flames.

What to Be Cognizant of to Lessen House Fire Risk

There are some things to recognize so you can minimize the dangers and risks that are typically correlated with house fires:

  • Smoking: Smoking outside is the finest way to counter a house fire from taking place. Don’t smoke inside if someone in the house is on oxygen since it is highly combustible. When you smoke inside, don’t smoke while drowsy or in bed and have ashtrays that are deep.
  • Children: Train your children that fire is not a toy, and make sure to keep your lighters and matches in a place that’s out of reach and out of sight.
  • Fireplaces: Creosote is extremely flammable and it develops in your fireplace after it’s been in use, so always get your fireplace cleaned and maintained regularly. Getting a large, strong screen is also imperative to avoid sparks from flying into the room and rolling logs.
  • Portable Heaters: Never allow a portable heater neglected, and keep flammable items three feet away from the heater. It’s also essential for your portable heater to have the correct safety features. For example, it shutting off when it tips over.
  • Appliances and Electrical: Do a periodic examination on your appliances and make sure the cords and plugs are in working condition. If your light switches are hot to the touch, then you need to switch them out.
  • Cooking: Remain in the kitchen at all times during the time food is in the oven or on the stove and don’t leave it alone. When you need to step out of the kitchen, get someone to watch over the food until you come back.

Call the Skillful Fire Damage Restoration Technicians from Paul Davis

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