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Fire damage

Restoring Damages after a Fire in Granada Hills, CA

As far as traumatic disasters go, there are few events as devastating as a fire that annihilates your structure and personal belongings. A fire in your home is a frightening and exhausting occurrence, whether it burns everything or not. You probably can’t expect fire damage, but you can do certain things to make sure that you are prepared for restoration. It’s not just about restoring your property, but caring for your emotional needs as well. You will need a proficient partner if you want to fully pull through fire damage, and Paul Davis Restoration is the place to find it.

Evaluating Fire Damage

Fires can ruin everything in their path, careless of what it is. Your qualified Paul Davis technicians can properly assess the extent of your fire damage, provide maintenance for structural damage and clean up or replace your personal belongings. We can also extract all water in your property, treat your home for mold and help your home with problems caused by the water used to put out the fire. To get more information about mold and water restoration, check out the service pages. It doesn’t matter how major the fire damage is; our objective is to get the property back to normal quickly.

Assessing the Degree of Damage

Our team will scrutinize each detail. It’s essential that all the damage be discovered before a plan is developed, as repair work requires specific steps. For instance, a wood floor that seems intact to the untrained eye may really be harmed due to water damage or fire may have scorched underlying support joists. Building over problems like these would lower property values and contribute to extra expenses in the future, and those costs may not be remunerated by insurance. Our meticulous inspection will make sure the repair work addresses all of the damage instantly.

Isolate Unsafe Spots

Fire and water damage will sometimes deteriorate structures. Paul Davis technicians will close off perilous areas to ensure that all unprotected parts of your property are protected from supplementary damage due to the elements.

Cleaning Up the Area

When we complete water removal procedures, we apply focused tools to clean soot from floors and other areas, along with all salvaged items. This encompasses the operation of air-scrubbing equipment to eliminate the ubiquitous smell that almost every house fire generates.We next turn our focus to tidying any property harmed in the fire, along with carrying away dirty objects and prepping the property for total restoration work.

Restoring Normality After a Fire

Paul Davis technicians begin the damage reversal process once sanitizing is finished. Our verified professionals are helpful in a long assortment of tasks, such as drywall restoration, floorboard replacement and even major renovating projects.

Paul Davis Fire Restoration Services

We have the fire damage restoration tools to offer you all the assistance you need after a fire. You will always receive unique attention and quick service, whatever the situation is. Call us today for a fire damage estimate and learn more about Paul Davis and how we can restore your property after a fire.